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If you’re looking for the best place to buy Shakeology from, or simply want to get some additional information about this best-selling meal replacement shake by Beachbody, read on.

Finding a truly nutritious meal replacement shake, whether online or in store, can be a hit-or-miss venture. Some of the products on the market are good, but there are quite a few that are little more than sugar-filled scams. Buying the right shake for one’s lifestyle can be easy, though, if the shake is high-quality and meets the body’s needs.

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Reasons to Order Shakeology

Buy ShakeologyBeachbody markets and distributes one of the finest meal replacement shakes available: Shakeology. By mixing together a variety of natural whole-food ingredients and providing the digestive system with the support it needs to absorb those ingredients, the shake provides a very good dose of vital nutrients. These natural fruits and extracts are carefully processed to keep their potent contents as intact as possible. Other shakes may advertise similar lists of ingredients, but these are often synthetic, or powdered in such a way that a lot of nutrition is wasted.

Taste is an important component of any meal replacement system, and Beachbody considered the flavors of Shakeology very carefully. Some flavors in other shakes, such as vanilla, are difficult to incorporate into a healthy beverage without using harmful chemicals. Beachbody has opted for a delightful chocolate taste for one of their shakes, while their greenberry option is refreshingly light. Other tastes can be achieved by adding things like berries into the shake.

What’s in Shakeology?

Order ShakeologyCreating a shake that contains as much good stuff as Shakeology isn’t easy, and Beachbody has had to use ingredients from across the world to meet the demands of their shake. For example, the camu camu fruit grows in Brazil and Peru, but it is so full of vitamins and health benefits that choosing a lesser fruit instead wouldn’t make sense. Other ingredients known for their incredible nutritional values are included, such as blueberry extract, which is full of anti-oxidants, and spirulina.

Spirulina is an excellent dietary supplement which provides large quantities of protein. Why not use soy instead? The answer is simple: soy is a very poor alternative to other proteins since it tends to be genetically modified and is full of allergens. Perhaps most importantly, soy is difficult to digest, since it contains inhibitors that reduce the efficiency of the digestive system. Spirulina is naturally full of protein and so genetic modification isn’t necessary. It also provides the amino acids necessary to digest its protein content, and is much easier to absorb than soy protein.

Shakeology Health Benefits

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The benefits of Shakeology are many. First of all, it provides a great many of the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other nutrients that an active body needs. It has been called a multivitamin shake by some, and with good reason. The phytonutrients in the shake can also help prevent or even reverse certain diseases, particularly degenerative diseases of the brain.

Working out can be demanding, and Shakeology can provide the proteins and vitamins that can help exercise be more effective. As a supplement, the shake’s content of spirulina and other effective sources of proteins can assist muscles in recovering. By the way, you may also want to experience the detoxification benefits that a Shakeology cleanse can provide.

Where to Buy Shakeology

A month’s supply of Shakeology is $119.95, and can be purchased from Beachbody’s online store. It comes either in a box of pre-measured packets or in a single, large bag. The packets are convenient and easy to use, great for those on the go or traveling. The bag offers a compact option that might better suit people with smaller kitchens, and also for people who want to use different serving sizes.

Buying a month’s supply is fine for a while, but many customers will want to get a new box or bag every month. As mentioned in our complete Shakeology review, this is made easy with the Home Direct (autoship) program which ships a new batch every month without the customer having to place an order. For much of the United States, Home Direct shipping is free. Other benefits include free gifts such as a Shakeology shaker cup and 2 free Shakeology workout videos.

Reasons to Buy Shakeology from Beachbody

Shakeology is produced by a very responsible and respected company, Beachbody. The Better Business Bureau reports that customer complaints are resolved quickly, and customers are likely to find customer service both helpful and easy. Returns, cancellations, and order mistakes are all handled well, with very few disputes.

Part of the customer service plan is a thirty-day money-back guarantee that covers a customer even if the product has been used up. For customers wishing to try Shakeology, but who aren’t quite sure about it, it can also function as a handy trial period. Trying a mixed bag of chocolate and greenberry might be best, since it provides potential customers with both flavors to try.

Whether trying the product out or continuing an existing Home Direct order, placing an order for Shakeology is pretty easy. A combination of excellent customer service, a quality product, and a generous money-back guarantee can help potential customers choose to buy Shakeology over the competition.

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