Shakeology Reviews – An Honest Shakeology Review

Shakeology ReviewThis Shakeology review will discuss in detail Beachbody’s popular meal replacement shake, and lay out what you can realistically expect from it if you decide to order.

Health products come in a wide variety of quality, from the absolute abysmal to the top-of-the-line premium stuff. Telling them apart can be fairly difficult for some people, since the bad products are often advertised well. When choosing a good, healthy meal replacement system, it’s really worth checking through the reviews and seeing what works. Since health products can be so important to one’s diet, skimping on quality can mean skimping on one’s self.

Among the best meal replacement products is Shakeology, which is absolutely full of the stuff your body needs. It’s not some sugar-filled or artificially-flavored protein shake, but instead a medley of exotic fruits and powdered whole foods. These shakes are well-designed to blend the best ingredients from all over the world into one excellent serving.

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Shakeology Reviews – What is Shakeology?

Shakeology ReviewsBeachbody took such super-fruits as camu camu and acai and powdered them carefully into a shake mix. Other ingredients, such as blueberry and green tea extracts, provide their own excellent benefits. While other shakes might advertise similar ingredients, many of them simply don’t use the best methods to preserve the nutrition and various contents of the fruits and extracts. The ultra-high quality ingredients is one of the reasons why the Shakeology cleanse is so effective and has become such a popular method for detoxification.

Other shakes are full of artificial ingredients and flavors, either meant to make the shake cheaper or tastier. Artificial ingredients are often poor imitations of their natural counterparts, and are rarely paired with the enzymes necessary to help the body break them down. Artificial flavors, on the other hand, are full of chemicals and toxins that don’t belong in the human body. While delicious, these chemicals can do more harm than the shake helps, creating a system where there’s no real gain in health. Shakeology avoids this by using natural ingredients and carefully selected flavors that preserve the healthfulness of the shakes.

Shakeology Review – How to Order Shakeology

If you want to buy Shakeology, you shouldn’t look at their local health stores. Shakeology can only be purchased directly through Beachbody.

There are two formats of Shakeology, both with a cost of $119.95 per month. The first is the large bag of shake mix, which is great for those interested in measuring their own servings, or for saving space in the kitchen. Customers can get a box of mix instead, which is separated into single-serving packets for convenience. People on the go will appreciate the packets since they can grab one before they leave for work, or pack them in luggage without worrying about spills or leaks.

As mentioned in our other Shakeology review articles, there’s a thirty-day money-back guarantee so people who decide that Shakeology isn’t for them can simply return it. There doesn’t even need to be mix left in the bag or box to qualify for the return.

Shakeology Ingredients – The Good Stuff

As a meal replacement, Shakeology brings a lot of different nutrients, minerals, and vitamins into one’s diet that are rare in most foods today. Super-fruits and exotic ingredients such as acai provide antioxidants and adaptogens, while natural sources of proteins and phytonutrients include spirulina and Maca root. There’s no soy in the mix because it’s a poor source of protein, and there aren’t any antibiotics. Beachbody wanted to make the best meal replacement they could, and that meant skipping out on certain popular ingredients that just aren’t as good as they sound.

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For convenience, there’s little better than getting a meal replacement package delivered monthly, with no need to reorder. The Home Direct plan can send a new package of Shakeology to customers every month, and for many of those customers, the shipping is absolutely free. To mix things up, customers can choose to alternate flavors monthly, or even get a package of mixed flavors. Members of the Home Direct program get free gifts, including workout discs and a shake mug.

Shakeology Complaints and Recommendations

While Shakeology was designed to taste good and be extremely healthy, by avoiding artificial flavors it might not please every customer. Some people absolutely love the flavors, but others find that the shakes just aren’t for them. Beachbody had a very good reason for choosing the flavors they did, since they are the best combination of healthful content and pleasing savor. There’s a recipe book online that customers can use to add new tastes to their Shakeology, not only for people who don’t like the normal flavors, but for others who want something different from time to time.

As a meal replacement system, Shakeology contains minerals, vitamins, and so much good stuff that it can increase one’s health through the sheer variety of nutrients. However, it’s rather low on calories, meaning that customers may not want to rely on it alone for a meal. It might be best to consider it as an extremely healthy supplement to a small meal.

A customer could certainly make the right choice by selecting Shakeology as their meal replacement program. With all of the poor products on the market, Beachbody’s offering stands out from the others, not only in nutritional value and health benefits, but in convenience and company support. Lastly, if you enjoyed this Shakeology review and are ready to try Shakeology out for yourself, we highly recommend the Home Direct (autoship) option which will provide you with free shipping and Shakeology bonuses.

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